1. Using UHF 740~814.3 MHz band to avert interfering frequency. 200 select-able channel. Transfer datas to transmitter by infrared.

2. Automatic frequency selection function, Press the [ACT] button for 3 second and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency. Press [ACT] button to upload automatically the receiver frequency to the transmitter. Stable PLL (Phase Lock Loop frequency control)circuit, “NOISE DETECTION” mute control function, can effectively separate the RF interference from computer equipment, song machine and DVD in the working environment.

3. MC-123 model condenses the technology essence that MACARDEN accumulated over a long period. With advanced technology, sophisticated design, stable performance, with beautiful appearance, convenient operation and attractive price, with superior professional quality to win the market competition. This series is suitable for the nightclub of high requirements, multi-functional hall, hotel, conference room and small to medium performance. 


RF Frequency Range: UHF 500-960MHz

Channels by Automatic Channels Targeting: Multi Channels 200

Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized

Receiving Sensitivity:- 90dBm

Signal/Noise Ratio:> 103dB(A)

Frequency Stability:+ 0.005%(-10 -50°C)

T.H.D.:< 0.5%@1KHz

Audio Output Level:3.5dBv (1.5V)@1KHz

Working Range:Up to 100m

Dimensions : 21X19.6X4.5cm


Frequency Regulation: IR Sync

RF Output Power: 10mW/30mW/country dependent

Max Deviation:+68KHz

Spurious Emissions:<-55dBc

Handheld Microphone Sound Cartridge: Dynamic Microphone

Bodypack Transmitter Sound Cartridge: Condenser Microphone

Battery Requirement:2X1.5V AA alkaline

Handheld Transmitter Size: 26.5X5.2 cm

Bodypack Transmitter Size: 11X6.7X2cm       

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