1. Using UHF 500-960MHz band to avert interfering frequency.
2. True diversity dual channel operation, 4 antennas receive the signal at the same time with strong anti-interference ability, automatic to select the best signal. It can improve the receiving effect, effectively clear up the signal blind spot in using. 
3. Adopt the PLL Synthesized control technic, preset 200 non-interfered channels. The receiver can automatic search the clean frequency without interference in the complex environment.
4. It can adjust the power (High/Low) in handheld microphone.
5.It provides you with excellent performance and durability in a variety of settings, from churches to karaoke room to gymnasium, from concert halls to broadcast booths and stadiums.
6.Working distance up to 200 meters in ideal condition.

RF Frequency Range: UHF 500-960MHz
Channels by Automatic Channels Targeting: Multi Channels 200
Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized
Receiving Sensitivity:- 90dBm
Signal/Noise Ratio:> 103dB(A)
Frequency Stability:+ 0.005%(-10 -50°C)
T.H.D.:< 0.5%@1KHz
Audio Output Level:3.5dBv (1.5V)@1KHz
Working Range:Up to 100m
Dimensions : 48X22X4.4c

Frequency Regulation: IR Sync
RF Output Power: 10mW/30mW/country dependent
Max Deviation:+68KHz
Spurious Emissions:<-55dBc
Handheld Microphone Sound Cartridge: Dynamic Microphone
Bodypack Transmitter Sound Cartridge: Condenser Microphone
Battery Requirement:2X1.5V AA alkaline
Handheld Transmitter Size: 27.5X5.2 cm
Bodypack Transmitter Size: 11X6.7X2cm       

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