1. UHF Band, Four Channel designed
2. Adopt the PLL Synthesized control technique, preset 200 non-interfered channels, 5 sets system (20 mics) can be used simultaneously without interference.  
3. Transfer data to transmitter by infrared. CPU control with LCD display makes operation easy and performance outstanding .
4. Audio compressing-expanding technology ,the machine can reduce the noises and increase the dynamic range.
5. Back-sound restrain function can avoid back-sound scream.
6.The receiver adopt multilevel high frequency enlargement .so and has the high sensitivity .
7.Multilevel noise supervisory circuit .Special with the tone locked system make the machine have a strong anti-jamming characteristics
8.Using high gain antenna, the space availability is more than 100 meters at the clearing.
9.EIA standard 1U dual channel rack-mountable receiver with metal classics.

RF Frequency Range: UHF 500-960MHz
Channels by Automatic Channels Targeting: Multi Channels 200
Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized
Receiving Sensitivity:- 90dBm
Signal/Noise Ratio:> 103dB(A)
Frequency Stability:+ 0.005%(-10 -50°C)
T.H.D.:< 0.5%@1KHz
Audio Output Level:3.5dBv (1.5V)@1KHz
Working Range:Up to 100m
Dimensions : 48X22X4.4cm

Frequency Regulation: IR Sync
RF Output Power: 10mW/30mW/country dependent
Max Deviation:+68KHz
Spurious Emissions:<-55dBc
Bodypack Transmitter Sound Cartridge: Condenser Microphone
Battery Requirement:2X1.5V AA alkaline
andheld Microphone Sound Cartridge: Dynamic Microphone
Handheld Transmitter Size: 27.5X5.2 cm
Bodypack Transmitter Size: 11X6.7X2cm     


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